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Snorestop 2 20 Chewable Tabs

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Drug free formula.
Relief of snoring symptoms all night long.
The new SnoreStop -2 is a second step program targeted for those who need additional support after using the SnoreStop Maximum Strength Formula.
This product contains no Ephedrine or Pseudoephedrine.

SnoreStop-2 contains twice as many natural ingredients. Its deeper and broader mode of action may provides faster and longer relief. You can prolong the benefits of SnoreStop-2 by changing your position during sleep, dieting, losing weight, exercising more often, avoid or curb smoking, and limit or avoid alcohol and over-the-counter sleeping pills.
* Shown to be effective for 80% of those tested with no side effects, Sleep and Breathing, Vol. 3 No.2, 1999.

Chew or suck only 1 tablet, whatever your age or weight, when lying in bed. After 10 nights if steady improvement is noticed you may start decreasing dosage by taking 1 tablet only every other night. If positive results are still

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