Penis Pumps

Penis pumps for male sexual health support

Penis pumps are effective and safe devices for enlarging male genital size. These vacuum tubes can also help prevent and treat erectile dysfunction, increase potency, and reduce age-related changes in sexual desire. Explore our range of penis pumps at Pharmacy Direct for the right tool to support your sexual health. We offer top-quality products, competitive pricing, and free shipping across Australia for orders over $99.

A wide selection of penis enlargement pumps

A vacuum penis pump is a convenient and reliable penis enlargement device. By pumping air out of the flask, you can create a vacuum - external pressure becomes lower than blood pressure, which increases blood flow to the cavernous bodies (upper layer of the penis), resulting in penis elongation and thickening.

Additionally, the differential pressure generated by the penis pumps can help improve lymphatic circulation, oxygen transport, and plasma membrane function. Long-term effects may also include:

  • Increased sexual desire and potency;
  • Increased penis size in an erect and calm state;
  • Increased sensitivity of the glans and frenulum;
  • Improved blood flow;
  • Prolongation and strengthening of an erection.

Moreover, pumps may help sharpen the sensitivity of nerve endings, intensify sexual sensations, and enhance the orgasmic experience.

At Pharmacy Direct, we offer a selection of manual and automatic enlargement pumps with pressure gauges, a built-in control system, a measurement scale and other features. Some kits may include cockrings and prostate stimulators.

Choosing the best penis pump

A penis enlargement pump should be selected according to your individual parameters and needs. Generally, the tube must be at least 5 cm longer than the erect penis, and the diameter should be selected based on the purpose of use:

  • If the penis pump is used for length increasing, consider a narrower tube to shift the focus from inflating to stretching.
  • If you plan to work on the penis girth, choose a wider tube. For better results, you may need to use two devices of different sizes: a starter (+3-4 cm to your penis girth) and a main one (+5-6 cm).

If you have any questions or need assistance choosing, consult one of our pharmacists. We have an expert team that is always available to help.

Safety considerations for penis pumps

Vacuum penis pumps are ergonomic devices that exclude the possibility of injury. The safety of use is guaranteed by a quick-release valve that allows you to lower the pressure instantly. All parts of the device interacting directly with the skin are made of soft, safe materials like silicone, latex, or TPE. However, you should also lubricate the flask's inner surface to avoid friction.

There are also several contraindications to using enlargement pumps. People with the following conditions should not use them:

  • A tendency to thrombosis and vascular disease;
  • Urethritis;
  • Some liver and kidney diseases;
  • Foreskin disorders;
  • Circulatory disorders and an increased risk of bleeding.

To avoid possible side effects, consult your physician before using any medical devices.

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