Scholl Flight Socks Mens 9-12 Black - 5038483142844

Scholl Flight Socks Mens 9-12 Black

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Use a clinically proven graduated compression system to improve blood flow and help relieve leg discomfort.
Can help prevent:
Risk of circulatory problems such as deep vein thrombosis-DVT
Swollen Ankles
Tired aching legs
Treat & prevent superficial & early varicose veins.
Compression Level 14-17mmHg
1 pair
Fits sizes- Men 9-12
European sizes 43-47

Long periods of inactivity, combined with the cramped conditions & dehydration which can occur on long flights, can cause a number of circulatory problems including deep vein thrombosis- DVT (blood clots)
Risk factors to DVT
Personal/Family history of blood clots
Aged above 40
Female Hormone Medications (Contracteptive Pill/HRT)
Height over 6 feet or under 5 feet
Former or current malignant disease
Varicose Veins
Heart Disease
Recent surgery or injury, especially to lower limbs or abdomen
Inherited blood clotting defect eg Leiden V factor
Immobilisation for long

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