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Reynard Alcohol and Chlorhexidine Swab Sticks 50 Pack

Reynard Swab Sticks are a wetted non-woven pad adhered to a plastic stick which is used to sanitise ..

$15.40 $12.99
Save $2.41 Ex Tax: $11.81

Reynard Alcohol Prep Pads 200 Pack

Reynard's Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads contain 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.Being larger than most prep pads t..

Best Price Ex Tax: $3.69

Reynard Antibacterial Hand Gel 500ml

Reynard Anti-bacterial Gel is a simple and effective way of reducing the transmission of infection w..

$8.25 $6.99
Save $1.27 Ex Tax: $6.35

Reynard Bath in Bed Wipes 8 Wipes

Reynard Bath in Bed Wipes are ideal for fast, effective and gentle waterless cleansing of the body a..

$4.39 $2.99
Save $1.40 Ex Tax: $2.72

Reynard Dry Baby Wipes & Nappy Liners 100 Wipes

Reynard Dry Baby Wipes/Liners are one of the softest and strongest wipes on the market and becoming ..

$8.79 $6.00
Save $2.79 Ex Tax: $5.45

Reynard Incontinence Wipes 25 Wipes

Reynard Health Supplies Incontinence Wipes provide all-in-one incontinence care.Reynard Incontinence..

$5.49 $3.99
Save $1.50 Ex Tax: $3.63

Reynard IPA Surface Disinfection Wipes Tub 160 Wipes

Reynard IPA Surface Disinfection Wipes are ideal for all healthcare professionals who require an eff..

$13.19 $10.99
Save $2.20 Ex Tax: $9.99

Reynard Medium Alcohol and Chlorhexidine Prep Pads 200 Pack

Chlorhexidine is a chemical antiseptic and is also bacteriostatic so it kills both gram-positive and..

$5.28 $4.69
Save $0.59 Ex Tax: $4.26

Reynard Neutral Detergent Wipes 50 Wipes

Reynard's Neutral Detergent Wipes contain a neutral detergent that is ideal for surface cleaning. Th..

$5.49 $3.99
Save $1.50 Ex Tax: $3.63

Reynard Rinse Free Shampoo Cap

Reynard Rinse Free Shampoo Caps facilitate complete hair care in a disposable, rinse-free format tha..

$4.72 $3.80
Save $0.92 Ex Tax: $3.45

Reynard Skin Care Wipes 50 Wipes

Reynard Skin care wipes will gently cleanse, moisturise and condition the skin. They are ideal for f..

$4.40 $3.99
Save $0.41 Ex Tax: $3.63

Reynard Soft Disposable Patient Wipes 100 Wipes

Reynard Soft Disposable Patient Wipes are the new and exciting patient wipes. They are one of the so..

$6.88 $6.00
Save $0.88 Ex Tax: $5.45

Reynard Super-Soft Disposable Patient Wipes 50 Wipes

Reynard Supersoft Patient Wipes are extremely soft, strong and exhibit excellent wet strength to mee..

$7.69 $6.00
Save $1.69 Ex Tax: $5.45
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