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Kit Contains:

1x CPR Card 114x88mm FAC

1x Conforming Bandage FAC 5cm x 1.8m

1x Eye Pad Single FAC

1x Kit TFA Handy3/Travel Blue CP

1x Splinter Probe FAC Single Disp.

1x Tape Paper 1.25cm x 5m

1x Triangular Band.Disp. 110 x 155cm.

1x Gloves Latex Pair Lge

1x Trafalgar First Aid Pamphlet

1x Magnifier Plastic

1x Plastic Bag 100 x 150 Sml Clip Seal Plain

1x Plastic Bag 125 x 205 Med Clip Seal Plain

1x Resusi-Safe FAC Shield Disposable

1x Safety Pins Pk12 Assorted

1x Scissors 11cm Long Handle/Budget.

2x Sodium Chloride 0.9% 30ml Sachet

1x Strips Plastic 50 19x72mm Sheer FAC

1x Tweezers

1x Wound Dressing No15

2x Wound wipe with Cetrimide Single Alcohol Free

Trafalgar First Aid Pty Ltd.

Ph: 1300361899

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