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With 125mL bottle & "let down" massage cushion. Includes free breast feeding guide, sterile travel covers, sealing lid, teat & spare parts. Very quiet. Unique silicone diaphragm provides a guaranteed 100% reliable suction. The suction produced by the diaphragm is so efficient that you can control it just through the pressure of your fingertips on the handle, adjusting it exactly to your own comfort level. The funnel of the pump has a soft silicone "let down" cushion with 5 petal shaped massagers. As you pump, the petals flex in & out, gently massaging the area behind the nipple, replicating the baby's suckling action.


Breast pump. Naturally imitates a baby's suckling to produce fast "let down". Fast, gentle & effortless - the performance of a hospital pump without the need for noisy motors or batteries. All avent bottle will fit the unit including the disposable bottles.

When cleaning the breast pump it able to be sterilized in the avent microwave steam steriliser.

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