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Zesty Lemon Fragrance

Gorgeous things come in small packages. Surf small & mighty sunshine 2x concentrate is crammed full of fantastic fragrance

Each small scoop releases concentrated cleaning power and a lingering fragrance that infuses your clothes and lifts your senses.

All this pleasure from one small scoop!

Our ingredients and what they do:

The things that lift dirt & stains - anionic and nonionic surfactants

The things that keep whites looking whiter - optical brightener/ fluoescer

What we use to disperse fatty soils - alkalis

What we use to suspend dirt and soften water - sodium polyphosphate, zeolite and polymer

How we remove odours and give a burst of freshness - perfume

We also add sodium sulphate as a powder processing aid

Solving laundry dilemmas

If youre having a spot of trouble with a stain, need a little advice or just want to tell us what you think....we would love to hear from you

1800 227 200 (Aust)


0800 108 806 (NZ)


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