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White Glo Express Whitening System

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5 min treatment safe and effective new formula ideal for use in shower fast results. 60 applications.

New express whitening fast acting formula!

* Double the strength of the original white glo formulation

* Cuts down treatment time to 5mins

* Convenient & Effective

Beauty consultants agree that white teeth play an important role in facial beautification. Whiter teeth inproves confidence, makes you look younger and more attractive

White Glo Express whitening system lifts stains and yellowing on the surface of teeth enamel safely - without abrasion! This new formula is double the strength of White Glos original whitening gel, providing effective results in reduced application time of 5 minutes!. This tooth enamel bleaching method is a recognised dental technique which has been proven safe and effective, used by thousands of people every day. Lifts stains and lightens yellowing caused by consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, food colouring and natural aging of tooth enamel


Follow the simple instructions to shape the mouth trays to your teeth. Apply whitening gel into the mouth tray from the end to end and place over teeth for 5 mins. Continuous application once a day for 7-10 days will acheive amazing results.

Tip - Treat the upper teeth first for 5-7 days to compare difference in whiteness with lower teeth. Then use white glo whitening toothpaste everyday for healthy teeth.


This product is not to be consumed. Use by children under 12 and pregnant women is not recommened. People who have braces, colitis, bad gums, exposed roots, ulcers periodontal disease must not use this product. Avoid prolonged contact of the bleaching gel with the gums. If tooth sensitivity or adverse symptoms cease use immediately

Made in Australia


Active Ingredients
Ingredient Amount
Carbamide Peroxide
Carbomer 940
Peppermint Oil
Propylene Glycol
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