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Oapl Action Sport Thermic Knee Support.

* 2 in 1 reversable.

* warmth

* comfort

* compression

For the treatment of injury and pain, assists rapid healing.

Oapl Sport Thermic Knee support is simple therapy for pain and injury.

Combining support and comfortable compression, whilst maintaining body heat promotes swift recovery of soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strains.

It is also effective in the relief of arthritic anf rheumatic pain.

Oapl Sport Thermic Knee Support is designed to help you get back to the activities you enjoy as quickly as possible.

The support maintains body heat, which results in an increase in blood flow to the affected area. This helps to promote the elasticity of the miscles, tendons and ligaments.

In addition, the light compression actively assists in the reduction of tissue swelling.

Directions for use:

* Wear your Thermic Knee Support against the skin.

* Wash support in warm water using a pure soap or mild detergent. Rinse well, drip dry.


* Do not use ointments, linament, oils or other skin medications under the garment.

* Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

* Should a skin irritation, or rash develop discontinue use.

* The support should be firm but not too tight. A snug, comfortable fit is recommended.

To determine your size, measure around knee.

Small - 30-35cm

Medium - 35-40cm

Large - 40-45cm

x-large - 45cm plus.

Oapl Sport Supports are guaranteed for period of 12 months.

Australian Made/Australian Owned.

Orthopaedic Appliances Pty Ltd.

Phone: 03 9419 2499

Fax: 03 9417 2487

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