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Scholl Flight Socks Ladies 6-8 Natural

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Flight socks ladies

Compresssion Factor 14 - 17

Medically Proven to help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis - DVT

Help to prevent swollen ankles and tired aching legs

Use a Clinically Proven Graduated Compression System to improve circulation

* Advanced Hosiery technology

* 30 Denier Semi - Sheer

* Ultra - Soft

* Comfort top

* Reinforced toe

* With antimicrobial protection to keep feet fresh


Long periods of inactivity, combined with the cramped conditions and dehydration which can occur on long journeys, can cause a number of circulatory problems including Deep Vein Thrombosis.

New Scholl Flight Socks Ladies are medically proven to help prevent Deep Vein Thrombsis by helping to improve blood circulation. They also help to prevent swollen ankles and tired aching legs.

Risk Factors to DVT**

* Previous history of Venous Thrombosis (Blood Clots) and Pulmonary Embolism

* Age above 40 (risk increases with age)

* Pregnancy

* Use of Oral Contraceptives or Hormone Replacement Therapy - HRT

* Obesity

* Varicose Veins

* Recent surgery or injury, especially to lower limbs/abdomen

* Cancer

* Genetic blood clotting abnormalities (eg: Factor V Leiden)

** Based on World Health Organisation International Travel and health


Scholl Flight Socks Ladies should be worn in place normal hosiery throughout the journey. Always wear both Knee Highs and ensure that they are pulled up to just below the knee. See enclosed leaflet for correct fitting and care. Please keep packaging and leaflet for future reference. Handwash. Dot not iron.


Do not use if you have serious coculatory problems such as active arterial or venous disease. Please consult a Healthcare Professional on the suitability of this product, if you have any of the following: previous history of venous thrombosis (blood clots), superficial vein thrombosis, diabetes, severe obesity, reduced mobility including paralysed lower limb, heart disease, severe varicose veins, recent major surgery or injury to lower limbs/abdomen, stroke, cancer, chemotherapy treatment, genetic blood clotting disorder (eg: Factor V Leiden), or if you are pregnant.

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