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Quitx Patches Step 2 14mg Clear Patch 7 Pack

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Detailed Product Description

QuitX® patches work by slowly and constantly releasing nicotine into your body through the skin. QuitX® patches come in three different strengths to help you step down gradually over the course of the program.

Each patch has been designed to be applied once a day on the shoulders, upper arm, chest or back.

Each patch delivers:

Step 1 = 21 mg nicotine per 24 hours

Step 2 = 14 mg nicotine per 24 hours

Step 3 = 7 mg nicotine per 24 hours

Applying QuitX® patches

Each day, apply a fresh QuitX® patch to a clean, dry area of skin on your upper body (back, chest, upper arms and hips are all good). Choose a fresh site each day. The site shouldn’t be hairy and shouldn’t be freshly shaved.

Press the patch on with the flat of your hand and keep the pressure on for at least 20 seconds. The whole patch should have good skin contact to work properly. Correctly applied, the patch is waterproof so you can leave it in place even when you exercise, shower, bathe or swim.


Each patch is composed of the following excipients: polyethylene terephthalate, DOW CORNING (R) BIO-PSA SA7-4207 silicon adhesive (ID: 108330), No-Tox liquid ink FGN-3274 NT15 White (ID: 108309), Loparex Si-600-1A (ID: 108412 adhesive; Loparex Si-4400-1A adhesive (ID: 108351) and Duro-Tak 87-2194 acrylic adhesive (ID: 108551).

Active Ingredients
Ingredient Amount
Nicotine 35 mg/patch
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