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Detailed Product Description

Bdazzled will help you acheive a whiter, brighter, more confident smile in 5-14 days & your results will last up to 2 years

Scientifically developed

Great melon flavour

To use:

1. 2 patented, customised mouthpieces are moulded to your teeth

2. Bdazzled professional strength whitening gel is then placed in the mouthguard and worn for 30 minutes twice per day for the following 5-14 days (depending on your level of staining) For heavier staining, wear the gel for 30 minutes twice per day for a further 5 days

Extra gel is provided to maintain your dazzling white smile

Kit contains:

x2 thermo shrink mouthguards

x3 tubes of bdazzled gel

x1 mouthguard case

x1 detailed instructions

Caution: it is recommended that you do not use bdazzled if you:

*are pregnant, lactating or under the age of 14. Are allergic to sodium flouride, glycerin, carbopol, sodium hydroxide, artificial flavouring, hydrogen peroxide, or glycol. Have full cavaties, abscessed or decayed teeth. Have loose crowns, bridgework or periodontal problems (gum disease/loose teeth)

Warning: Keep out of reach of children, Poison. Store Bdazzled in a cool dry place. Extreme heat may render product ineffective

Made in Australia


1300 880 004

Active Ingredients
Ingredient Amount
Carbamer Hydrogen Peroxide 8 %
polypropelene Gylcol
Sodium Hydroxide
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