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DVT can be prevented. Travel socks minimise the risk of DVT forming in your legs during travel. This is particularly so after long period of inactivity which can allow clots to form due to sluggish circulation. These clots can migrate to the lungs with fatal results. Wearing OAPL Travel Socks during flight can reduce the liklihood of clots forming by improving circulation. OApl travel socks should be worn continuously whilst traveling. Creasing or rolling the sock during wear must be avoided.


Small Ankle up to 21cm Calf Up to 40cm

Medium : Ankle 22-26 cm Calf 42cm

Large : Ankle 26-29cm Calf 45cm

Xlarge : Ankle over 30cm Calf over 48cm


Anti Embolism stocking may be inappropriate if: The presence of severe arteriosclerosis. The presence of skin inflammation or ulcers. Recent surgical wounds. Gross oedema or cardiac failure. Gross leg deformities.

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