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Jet Ease Tabs 32
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Jet Ease Tabs 32

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Jet ease may relieve symptoms of jet-lag such as tiredness when due to time changes occuring in long distance flights. Can be used with other types of medication. Contains 30tabs sufficient for 40hrs flying time.


Adults and children over 12yrs chew 1 tablet on take-off, 1 every 2hrs and 1 after landing. However, intervals of up to 4hrs between tablets are acceptable if sleeping. If pregnant, nursing a baby or under 12yrs seek advice of a health professional before using this product.

Best taken separately from meals.

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Equal Parts Of Homeopathic Preparations: Arnica montana 30C, bellis perenis 30C, chamomilla 30C, ipecacuanha 30C and iycopodium 30C.


Store below 30 degrees.

Active Ingredients
Ingredient Amount
Arnica 30 C
Arnica Montana 30 c
Bellis Perennis - Homeopathic 30 C
Chamomilla 30 C
Ipecacuanha 30 C
Lycopodium 30 C
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