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Skin O2 Multi Vit Cream Base 30ml

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Treats scars & all skin types.

Essential before and after sun exposure to help fight free radicals and protect skin.

This anti-aging must have is your daily dose of vitamins to feed your face!

Dermal infusion cream with Vitamins B, A, C & E + Green Tea, Rosehip Oil & CO Q10.

A high dose transdermal formula that penetrates systemically to feed skin cells. It contains all the essential vitamins known for healthy skin and anti-aging in an encapsulated transdermal formula!

Tip: Perfect all in one for him - essential after shaving! Great all in one skin treatment and light moisturiser for him or her.

At last - transdermal encapsulated highest over the counter retinol that does not irritate. Safe and suitable for all skin types and smells and feels so yummy on your skin you want to eat it!

Note: Do not use if pregnant - after baby is OK!

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