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Carusos Kids Probiotic Immune Booster 60 Tablets

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Help boost your children’s immune defences.

Your kids face a lot of immune challenges. Whether it is sharing toys or equipment, touching everything, putting their hands in their mouth or poor hygiene habits, germs can spread. Whether they go to day-care or school, sometimes it can feel like kids pick up every bug going around. The good news is Frank Caruso and his team of passionate experts has developed a children’s probiotic formula to help give their immune system a boost to support them through these challenges.

Why use Caruso’s Kids Probiotic Immune Booster?

Caruso’s Kids Probiotic Immune Booster has been specially formulated to help support the immune system in children as well as relieve digestive problems and help the management of Eczema in children from 2 years of age.

Caruso’s Kids Probiotic Immune Booster has been formulated for:

• Immune support

• Eczema & dermatitis

• Allergy management

• Internal health: Digestive balance, wind, constipation and bloating

Who would use Caruso’s Kids Probiotic Immune Booster?

• Those who wish to support a child’s immune system

• Those with a family history of eczema

• Children who have taken a course of antibiotics

• Children who are constipated or experiencing tummy troubles

• Caesarean born children

• Bottle fed infants and children

• Children who go to day care

• Children who may be traveling with their parents overseas

• To boost the immune system in preparation for Winter

Great tasting chewable strawberry tablet

Each chewable Caruso’s Kids Probiotic Immune Booster tablet contains 5 billion, good, friendly bacteria. It’s a one a day, dairy and lactose free chewable tablet that kids love. Also, it’s fridge free so you don’t need to store it in the fridge.

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