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Eye Q 500mg Gel Caps 180
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Eye Q 500mg Gel Caps 180

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RRP $69.95


Detailed Product Description


Hi-epa-Marine Fish Oil and Virgin Evening Primrose Oil

A unique formulation that may help maintain eye and brain function and assist visual fatigue and eyestrain.

May assist in general well being and alleviating the symptoms of dyslexia.


The epa ratio is higher in eye q.

this sets eye q apart from other nutritional supplements. The fish oil in eye q is sourced from Sardines, Anchovies, Pilchards. Which provides the essential combination of active ingredients. epa is essential for the moment-by-moment regulation of brain function. All evidence now points to EPA as the Omega 3 fatty acid controlling the function of the other fatty acids in the brain and that the supplementation of the EPA and DHA combination found in EYE Q is most effective in maintaiining eye and brain function, supporting vision, co-ordination, learning ability memory and concentration.


Dosage is for Adults and children 5 years onward. 2 capsules per day with food. Taking eye q for the first time, take 6 capsules per day with food for 12 weeks. these level of consumption reflect the studies which show that it can take about 12 weeks to build up the body's stores of long chain fatty acids.


If you are taking any medication, always consult your doctor before commencing supplementation. Vitamin supplements should not replace balanced diet. If symptoms persist consult your doctor.


Store below 30 degree cel in a cool dry place out of sight of children.

Active Ingredients
Ingredient Amount
Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate
Docosahexaenoic Acid Oil 28 mg
Eicosapentaenoic Acid 92 mg
Evening Primrose Oil 100 mg
Gamma Linolenic Acid 10 MG
Vitamin E
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