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Zyrtec Kids Oral Drops 20ml

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Anti-Allergy, for relief of symptoms of allergic rhinitis (hayfever).

Sugar free.


Contains an anti-histamine called cetirizine hydrochloride. Anti-histamines relieve the symptoms of hayfever (sneezing and an itchy runny & blocked up nose) and other similar allergic conditions. They may also be used to treat some itchy skin rashes such as hives.


Not to be given to children under 2 years of age.

Children 2-6 years of age: take the recommended dose, twice daily, calculated on the basis of body weight:


Before taking your medicine: advise your doctor if you are or might be pregnant as clinical trials have not been conducted in pregnant women so Zyrtec has not been assessed in such patients. Advise your doctor if you or your child ever had to stop taking another medicine for this illness because you were allergic to it or it caused problems, you or your child have a history of epilepsy. Zyrtec should not be taken by breastfeeding women.

If you or your child accidentally take a larger dose than recommended, call your doctor at once or go to the nearest hospital casualty department. You may feel drowsy or dizzy so do not drive. Zyrtec does not usually cause problems in most people. Occasionally, some effects occur such as feeling sleepy, becoming agitated, dry mouth, headaches or upset stomach. These are usually mild and tend to wear off as treatment continues, but if they occur, tell your doctor & follow their advice.


Below 30 degrees.

Active Ingredients
Ingredient Amount
Cetirizine Hydrochloride 5 MG/5ML
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