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Sebamed Moisturising Body Lotion 400ml

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A naturally protective and caring lotion with the ideal ph value (5.5) of healthy skin.

Preserves the natural moisture of the skin.

A soothing body lotion for all over use.

A pleasant facial moisturizer.


What is special about Sebamed lotion? It has the same PH value (5.5) as healthy skin, thus sebamed lotion stabilizes the skin's own acid mantle. This mantle helps to prevent inflammation and irritation.

This protective action is assited by the inclusion of active substances such as allantoin and camomile extract. After sunbathing, sebamed lotion has a pleasant cooling and soothing effect.

Sebamed lotion preserves the natural moisture of the skin and renders it smooth and supple. Applied regulary it helps to give the skin tone and a fresh appearance. The lotion can be easily applied and is rapidly absorbed by the skin without making is more greasy. May be applied very sparingly, making it more economical. The fragrance is both delicate and pleasant.


Made in Germany www.sebamed.com

Active Ingredients
Ingredient Amount
Alcohol Denat (SDalcohol 39-C)
Ascorbyl Palmitate(vitamin C)
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Cetearyl Alcohol
Chamomilla Recutita
Decyl Oleate
Methyldibromo Glutaronitrile
Paraffin - Liquid
Potassium Sulphate
Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate
Sodium Lactate
Sorbic Acid
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