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Sebamed Anti Age Q10 Firm Body Lot 200ml

Catalogue ID: 679285

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Dermo-Active botanic ingredient complex. Improves elasticity of the skin. Guarantees smooth, supple skin. Medicinal Skin Care System. For all skin types.


The sebamed Anti-Ageing skin care management system has been created to support the natural metabolic processes and receptivity of the skin to prolong its youthful vitality. Q10 Firming Body Lotion gives your skin the protection it needs:

* Increased hydration for moisture balance * Improves and maintains the elasticity of the skin to counteract loss of firmness * Natural ingredient complex promotes optimal skin care efficacy * Rapidly absorbed for smooth supple skin, no greasy residue * Ph value of 5.5 stablizes the barrier function of the acid mantle to shield against noxious environmental influences.


Consequent daily skin care is an imperative prophylaxis: Result: You protect and preserve the health of your skin. The skin regains and maintains its equilbrium. Prolongation of the skin's elasticity to safeguarded against premature ageing. Efficacy and high skin tolerability confirmed in dermatological tests. Why Q10 and Dermo-Active? Co-enzyme Q10 is an important catalyst, which activates the metabolism of oxygen in the cells. Its production in the skin decreases noticeably from the age of 30. Dermo-Active is an innovative botanic ingredient complex, to nourish and protect the skin. It combines the natural strength of Barley extract: to soothe sensitive skin and give it the care it needs. Argan Oil: to protect the skin against destructive free radicals safeguarding against premature ageing and dryness. Shea butter: with its skin-related lipids facilitate deep penetration to increase elasticity, to firm and tone the skin.


Made in Germany. Sebapharma. Quality through research. www.sebamed.com

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