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Jobst Travel Socks Size 4 9-11 Black

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Jobst Travel Socks help prevent swelling, discomfort & energize legs. Knee sock for men & women. Soft cotton blend. Clinically proven. Gradient compression. 15-20mmHg*. *The mean compression for an average ankle size.

55% Polyamide; 33% Cotton & 12% Elasthan


Immobilization for long periods of time-such as in the cramped quarters of an airplance, car, or bus seat - can lead to circulatory problems. Jobst Travel Socks promote leg health by improving the blood circulation and helping reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) during periods of immobility. Enjoy a healthier, more comfortable trip and legs that feel energized and refreshed upon arrival. See enclosed leaflet for complete information on the product.


Ankle-24-27cm (9&half-10&half inch)

Calf - 36-46cm (14-18 inch)


Made in Italy www.jobst.om

Active Ingredients
Ingredient Amount
Cotton 33%
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