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BD Syringe & Needle 1ml 29g x 12.7mm Box 100

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Insulin syringe. Ultra-fine needle. The next generation of Injection comfort.

29 GAUGE (0.33mm x 12.7mm) Needle.

Use with U-100 Insulin only.

Fluid pathway guaranteed. Sterile unless syringe is opened or damaged.

Non-toxic. Non-pyrogenic. Gamma irradiated.


Comfort- special surgical grade of stainless steel honed to the ideal degree of sharpness. Superbly coated for gentlness with a special formulated lubricant.

Micro-bonded for a more comfortable injection.

Safety- Securely attached needle, eliminates needle pop-off.

Colour coded for safety- Orange needle sheild is colour-matched to U-100 insulin concentration.

Convenience - Needle shield and plunger cap guarantee sterility of syringe fluid path and eliminates the need for bulky outer package.

Accuracy- Less than 1 unit of U-100 insulin 'dead space'. More accurate dosage; less insulin waste.

Flat faced THINLINE Plunger tip. Lines up precisely with scale marking for accurate reading.

Large numbers - clear, bold, easy to see for greater accuracy.


Patients who mix 2 typrs of insulin should not change the order of mixing. Dispose of your syringes carefully.


Avoid extreme temperature and humidity.

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