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Ansell Skyn Original Condom 10 Pack

Catalogue ID: 969163
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A premium, revolutionary condom made from Skynfeel

This new generation of condoms is made from Skynfeel, a technologically advanced, non-latex material proven to enhance stimulation. It feels so soft and comfortable that you’ll barely notice wearing it, allowing you and your partner to feel everything.

- Straight fit

- Ultra smooth lubricant (not spermicidal)

- Smooth texture

- Natural coloured

- 53mm nominal width with reservoir teat

This product does not contain natural rubber latex and is a suitable choice for individuals with a known or suspected allergy to natural rubber latex. Some highly sensitive individuals may, however, experience allergic reactions to ingredients in these condoms. Should you experience a reaction please seek medical advice. Always read the label. Use only as directed.

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