Primapore Low-Allergy Dress Strip 6cm x 1m 1 Pack - 9330169002333

Primapore Low-Allergy Dress Strip 6cm x 1m 1 Pack

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PRIMAPORE is a conformable adhesive dressing consisting of a breathable non-woven top layer and a low-adherent absorbent pad.1,2

PRIMAPORE adhesive wound dressings have been designed to benefit both the patient and the user. The dressing is very soft and conformable making it comfortable to wear whilst at the same time protecting the wound from further trauma.

Features and Benefits:
  • Conformable3 - The dressing is soft and conformable ensuring patient comfort. The flexible non-woven layer will not restrict bodily movements when in place and helps to ensure conformability to all wound sites.
  • Highly absorbent pad2,3 - The dressing consists of a highly absorbent pad, maximizing the passage of blood and exudate into the dressing, minimizing the risk of fluid strikethrough.
  • Low adherent wound contact layer1,5 - The pad has a low adherent wound contact layer which helps to minimise disruption or trauma to the underlying tissue on removal of the dressing, which helps to reduce the risk of pain on removal.
  • Rounded corners - The dressing has rounded corners which may help to reduce the risk of the dressing lifting or snagging, which may help to reduce the frequency of dressing change by maintaining an optimal dressing condition.
  • Easy to apply - The protector paper, which is slit across the width of the dressing, enables quick application without the risk of touching the absorbent pad or adhesive area with fingers or forceps. The easily opened packaging facilitates clean dressing technique.
  • Low allergy adhesive3,4 - The low allergy acrylic adhesive is spread evenly onto the non-woven backing layer of the dressing, providing safe and secure fixation over the wound site.
Application and Removal
  • Peel away the backing papers to expose the non-adherent absorbent pad.
  • Holding the backing papers at each end of the dressing,carefully position the dressing over the designated area and remove the release papers.
  • Gently smooth the dressing into place, applying light pressure (especially around the edges). Care must be taken not to stretch the dressing on application as this may cause trauma to the underlying skin.

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