Pigeon Peristaltic Slim Neck Teat Large 5+ Months 2 Pack

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Pigeon’s original nipple design. Research conducted on baby’s oral devlopment shows that baby suckles breastmilk by moving their tongue in a smooth, wave-like motion. This is called ‘Peristaltic motion’ and is the natural way a baby feeds. Pigeon teats have been designed to mimic and promote this natural sucking action. Pigeon teats will reduce nipple confusion between breast and bottle.

Suitable for slim necked bottles.

- S size is for newborns to around 3 months+ and has a round hole at the teat tip.
- M size for babies 4 months+ and has a round hole the teat tip.
- L size for babies 5 months+ with a round hole at the teat tip.
- Y size teat is a variable flow, cross-cut teat which opens depending on how hard the baby sucks, so it can be used from birth ongoing.

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