Optifast Dessert Chocolate 53g (8 Pack)

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Chocolate desert for the dietary management of obesity

Usage. Very Low Energy Diet: Replace all meals with three sachets (53g each) per day. Additionally, 2 L of calorie free fluids and 2 cups of low startch, green vegetables should be consumed.

Optifast VLCD Dessert can also be used in combination with Optifast VLCD Milkshakes.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add contents of one sachet to 200ml of cold water and mix vigorously with a wisk or fork. Leave to stand for 5 mins preferabli in refrigerator. Store covered in refrigerator. Use within 24hrs.

IMPORTANt NOTICE. Very low calorie diets should only be used where rapid weight loss is essential to health and wellbeing as recommended and supervised by medical professionals experienced in the use of modified fasting. Take an additional 2 litres of calorie free fluid each day. Unsuitable for use by pregnant or nursing women, infants and children, adolescents and elderly.

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