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Mute Snoring Device Starter Trial Pack

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Breathe more, Snore less.Mute gently stents and dilates the nasal airways allowing snorers to breathe more easily through their nose and keep their mouth closed during sleep. In turn, this reduces the vibrations in the airways that can cause disruptive snoring.By improving breathing through the nose, Mute can also reduce snoring that is caused by night-time nasal congestion or obstructions such as a deviated septum.In trials, 75% of couples reported a reduction in the frequency and volume of snoring and found it more effective than other products.

1. INSERT - Wash your hands, hold the device by the bridge with the curved arms facing towards you and the ribbed paddles facing up and away from you.
2. ADJUST - Bring the device up to your nose and place the curved arms in first to make contact with the inside floor of your nose.
3. BREATH - Gently guide the device backwards into your nose to a point that it is comfortable. You may need to adjust your nostrils over and a

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