Microlife A200 AFIB Cuff Small 17-22cm - 4719003932121

Microlife A200 AFIB Cuff Small 17-22cm

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Selecting the correct cuff
Microlife offers different cuff sizes. Select the cuff size to match the circumference of your upper arms (measured by close fitting in the centre of the upper arm).
Cuff sizeArm circumference
S17 - 22 cm
M - L22 - 42 cm
XL32 - 52 cm

For the most accurate blood pressure measurement:
Always ensure that the cuff is positioned correctly
"Support your arm and relax
"Remove all clothing covering or constricting your arm
"Apply the cuff closely, but not too tight
"Ensure that the cuff is at the same height as your heart
"Make sure the lower edge of the cuff is exactly 2-3cm from the inner fold of your arm
"The tube connecting the cuff to the device should be placed on the inside of the arm
During measurement, it is normal for the cuff to feel very tight (do not be alarmed). After measurement, remove the cuff and record your data.

The cuffs are sensitive and must be handled with care. When cleaning the cuff, carefully r"

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