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InstantScripts offers online prescriptions for over 300 common medications.Search your medication here:

Getting a prescription for your medication can be a pain. You pay a lot of money to wait around in a room for a script that really only takes your doctor minutes to prescribe. It’s slow, inconvenient and expensive, plus you had to travel and sit in a waiting room full of sick people for half an hour. It can be particularly frustrating if you’re living with a chronic illness and require ongoing medication. But with InstantScripts®, you can request an online prescription and have it sent to Pharmacy Direct for dispensing and then direct to your home.

Backed by real GPs, our RACGP-certified doctors will review your script to make sure you receive the best and most appropriate treatment for your condition.

  • No more unhealthy waiting rooms
  • No more long wait times
  • No more costly consultations
      • How it Works 

        One Simple App, Over 300 Medications

          1. Select your medication
          2. Complete a quick online medical consultation
          3. Select PHARMACY DIRECT 
          4. Your request will be reviewed by a RACGP-certified doctor
          5. If approved, the prescription will be sent directly to PHARMACY DIRECT for an easy pickup or delivery
          6. You’ll be notified once the script has been sent to the pharmacy

          Frequently Asked Questions

          How secure is InstantScripts®?

          Your safety is our priority. We use secured cloud data centres to protect your data. All connections to our servers are encrypted and protected with modern secured communication protocols (HTTPS/TLS) using strong security certificates.

          How much does it cost?

          Prescriptions can be obtained via the InstantScripts® platform for $15.

          Is a real GP writing my prescription?

          Every InstantScripts® doctor is a licensed, registered & fully insured doctor based in Australia who will adhere to the highest clinical standards.

          Your doctor’s medicare prescriber number will be written on the prescription.

          Do I need a medicare card to use the service?

          While anyone can use InstantScripts®, some services may require a medicare card.

          What sort of medication is available through InstantScripts®?

          InstantScripts® offers online prescriptions for over 300 common medications, both for everyday conditions and chronic illnesses:

        1. Women’s health and contraceptive pill refills
        2. Men’s health, erectile dysfunction medication and premature ejaculation treatment
        3. Urinary tract infection (UTI) treatment
        4. Herpes treatment
        5. Prescriptions for asthma inhalers
        6. High blood pressure medication
        7. Over-the-counter gout medication
        8. Prescriptions for pain management
        9. Cholesterol medication
        10. Heartburn treatment
        11. Antidepressants and SSRI medication
        12. Hormone replacement therapy
        13. Melatonin tablets
        14. Nasal sprays
        15. Steroid creams
        16. Prescription skin care products for acne and Rosacea

        17. What happens to my data?

          To accurately and safely provide prescriptions and medical consultations, we’ll need to collect some personal information, such as your address and medical history. All of your personal information will be safely held in our secure cloud storage and encrypted in the database. Your data will be held in local data centres that adhere to the highest Australian standards so that your information remains safe and sound on Australian shores.

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