Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser Cleaning 30 Tablets - 93710176

Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser Cleaning 30 Tablets

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Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets contain special non-toxic ingredients to help keep vaporisers in top condition.

- Maintains vaporiser at peak efficiency
- Prevents formation of mineral deposits
- Removes built-up mineral deposits
- Special non-toxic tablets clean as it steams
- Easy to use, no mess and fuss
- Australian made & owned

Interesting Info:
Did you know the number one cause of a vaporiser’s poor performance or failure to steam, is mineral build up from not being cleaned properly?

Here’s how and why.

How mineral deposits affect your vaporiser

The water in a warm steam vaporiser is ‘boiled’ by a heating element inside the plastic part that’s connected to the power plug (the heating module). The heat helps kill any microbes and bugs in the water, producing a clean, sanitised steam output. The purity of the steam doesn’t change no matter how dirty the water gets; however, inside, the heating element can become vulnerable to build-up from minerals. Calcium

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