Electronic Prescriptions

E-scripts at Pharmacy Direct

Pharmacy Direct Online now offers our customer even greater convenience with the introduction of E-Scripts!

Simply opt for an E-Script at your next Doctor visit, order online at pharmacydirect.com.au, email the script to thepharmacist@pharmacydirect.com.au and include your order number and your script can be dispensed and posted to you that same day.

What is an E-Script?

An E-Script is a new option for patients to receive their prescription either via email or SMS as a secure, encrypted token which they can then have filled by the pharmacy without the need for a paper prescription. Details of the prescription our downloaded by the pharmacy directly from the Doctor via a secure exchange gateway and when dispensed the patient is sent a new token if repeats were issued.

Do we still accept paper prescriptions?

Yes, absolutely! Patients will have the option to receive an E-Script or paper script from their Doctor and we can still fill paper prescriptions.

Simply order online and post your scripts for free to

Pharmacy Direct,

Reply Paid 87026,


Note: Please use a plain envelope-no stamp required.

What are the benefits of E-Scripts?

Convenience. Unlike paper prescriptions which we have to wait for the original copy in the mail before sending your order, we can dispense and send and E-Script immediately, greatly reducing your waiting time for medications. However, if you still have paper scripts, you can leave them on file, and we can post and send the same day as you place the order.

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