Pharmacist Advice and Prescriptions

Pharmacist Advice Medication

This group of medication can normally be purchased over the counter, but NSW regulations state that a pharmacist must personally hand the product to the customer.
For this reason we require a prescription to supply these products to you by mail.

Ordering Prescriptions

To order prescription medication we need your Original prescription (including the duplicate) mailed to us (scanned copies and faxes can not be accepted. These are government regulations.) We are able to keep your repeats on file to make it easier for you on your next order, simply check the appropriate box on our order form.
When an item that may otherwise be PBS funded for concession and Safety net card holders is priced below the standard general threshold for government subsidy it is supplied to you as a private item. Safety net stickers are not supplied for private items or when multiples supplies are ordered eg more than the standard PBS quantity in the one order.
Please Note: For pbs prescription items subsidised by the federal government( $34.20 & $5.60 ones) which we cannot discount, your order is postage free within Australia only. The web site will charge postage and where applicable it will then be refunded by the dispensary staff.
Some special conditions apply to prescriptions so read below.



Medicare, Pension and Health Care Card Numbers

New government regulations require you to provide your full Medicare number and Medicare expiry date and Pension or Concession number and expiry date (if you have one) every time you request your prescription, if that prescription is entitled to a PBS benefit. You do not need to provide your Medicare number for private prescriptions.
When necessary, please write the patient's name as it appears on the Medicare, Pension or concession card and include the Medicare number in front of the patient's name.




PBS & Authority Prescriptions

Items on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) are $34.20 and $5.60 on concession.
PBS prices are only available to customers with a Medicare Card. Some items which are subsidised by the PBS to treat special conditions require an AUTHORITY prescription.
These items are marked with an 'A' and require an authority to be on PBS. If you do not qualify for an authority script your doctor may write a private prescription and this is the price quoted in the catalogue and website.