Overseas Ordering

Overseas customers can now order online with their credit card.
We have the facility to calculate overseas postage based on the weight of the order and the country of destination. Insurance is an additional cost to postage and not included in the postage cost.
All prices are in Australian dollars ($AUD).

To Order online, simply select the products you wish to buy then go to review order, then checkout. Enter your details as per instructions on the page and click the 'accept' button. Select your postage option and click the 'accept' button.
Once you're at the payment option, select Credit Card. Your order is then processed and if successful, a receipt will be displayed on the screen for you to print.

You can still place your order by phone, fax, mail or email.
It is important that you provide your email address so that we can contact you about your order.

We can only dispense Australian non-PBS prescriptions written by medical practitioners registered in Australia and due to changes in regulations these can only be shipped to addresses within Australia.



Please note that delivery times are longer for overseas orders. As part of our terms and conditions, we do not take responsibility for parcels seized by customs.

When shopping with Pharmacy Direct, please sign and fax back the Customer Agreement form to ensure your order is despatched promptly.

You can also complete the agreement, scan it and email the image to pharmacy@pharmacydirect.com.au

Customer Agreement Form

Phone: 612 9648 8888
Fax: 612 9648 8999
Email: pharmacy@pharmacydirect.com.au