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Breath a Tech Peak Flow Meter Adult

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The Breath-Alert Peak Flow Meter is a device that is used to measure peak expiratory flow rate during exhalation.

Always read the instructions for use. Follow the instructions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

The Breath-Alert Peak Flow Meter is used to measure peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) which is the fastest speed a person can blow air out of their lungs after taking in as big a breath as possible. It is useful in recognising early warning signs of asthma attacks.

  • Easy to use
  • Individually tested
  • Accuracy: +/- 7.5%
  • Standard range: 50-800L/min (adults and older children);
  • Low range: 40-350 L/min (children)
  • Manufactured to meet international standards for accuracy and repeatability (Australia & New Zealand). Includes daily recording card and colour coded stickers


NOTE: The Breath-Alert® Peak Flow Meter is simple to use, however you should have your technique checked by your doctor. This device is recommended for single patient use.

1. Ensure the white pointer is at the L/MIN position and the mouthpiece is securely attached.

2. When holding the Peak Flow Meter ensure the slot faces upward and that you don't disturb the movement of the pointer.

3. Inhale a deep breath until your lungs are full.

4. Holding the Peak Flow Meter horizontally, place the mouth piece in your mouth with the lips forming a tight seal. Take care not to place your fingers near the slot.

5. Blow out as hard and as fast as possible. Try to get all the air out of your chest within one second.

6. Note the scale reading from the position reached by the raised line on the pointer, then return the pointer to the L/min position. Record the best of 3 readings. (A chart for recording PEFR readings is included).

7. The difference between the highest and lowest of three readings should not vary by more than 20 L/min. If this occurs, disregard the two lower readings and repeat with a further two tests. If within the acceptable range, record the largest value. If the results vary by > 20 L/min, check that the Peak Flow Meter is clean and the longitudinal slot is not obstructed; the pointer is correctly aligned and moves freely along the length of the slot; the six openings in the base are not obstructed and the octagonal nut within the top section has not been loosened.

8. A large diameter mouthpiece is supplied with the Standard Range model. The mouthpiece supplied with the Low Range model has a smaller diameter. It should not be used with the Standard Range model as it may produce false readings.

9. Colour coded stickers are included. Red indicates URGENT MEDICAL ATTENTION IS NEEDED OR CALL AN AMBULANCE. Yellow indicates 

CAUTION. Green indicates your asthma is under control.


The Breath-Alert Peak Flow Meter is not to be used for diagnostic purposes or for fully evaluating patient respiratory function. Spitting or coughing may affect its function, particularly with small diameter mouthpieces. When taking measurement before and after using a pressurised metered dose inhaler, wait 10 minutes. Except for the mouthpiece, the Peak Flow Meter must not be dismantled as there are no serviceable components.

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