Brauer SnoreEze Oral Spray 20ml - 9316120001348

Brauer SnoreEze Oral Spray 20ml

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SnoreEze Oral Spray includes natural ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to help reduce inflammation of the nose and throat, a blocked nose, allergies and mucus production, allowing the snorer to breathe more easily and helping to relieve snoring.

- Gluten Free
- Sugar Free
- Lactose Free
- Artificial Colour Free
- Preservative Free
- No Artificial Flavours

Healthy hints:

  • Try sleeping on your side rather than your back. If you tend to roll onto your back during the night, it’s worth trying this novel idea: put a T-shirt or pyjama top with a small front pocket on back-to-front (so the pocket is at the back) and put a tennis ball in the pocket. When you roll onto your back, the tennis ball will prompt you to roll back onto your side!
  • Being overweight contributes to snoring. If you are overweight, losing weight slowly and steadily is one of the best things you can do to improve your overall health β€” and it will probably help your snoring too.
  • Allergies, sinus congestion and tonsillitis can all contribute to snoring. See your healthcare professional for treatment if you have any of these problems.
  • Do your best to avoid alcohol for 2–3 hours before going to bed. Generally cutting down on alcohol will help many snorers.
How to use:
Adults: 4 sprays
Spray under the tongue half an hour before bed and then immediately before going to bed. See your healthcare professional if your snoring is severe or if other people have noticed that you stop breathing or gasp for breath during sleep.

Active ingredients:
Contains equal parts of: Apis mel. 6C; Histaminum mur. 9C; Kali bich. 6X; Lac can. 6C; Lemna min. 6X; Nux vom. 6C; Pulsatilla 6X; Ratanhia 6X; Rheum 6X; Teucrium mar. 6X; Zincum met. 6C.

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