Bodichek Hot/Cold Wheat Pack Rectangle (26 x 16cm) Assorted - 9325334017250

Bodichek Hot/Cold Wheat Pack Rectangle (26 x 16cm) Assorted

Bodichek Hot/Cold Wheat Pack Rectangle (26 x 16cm) Assorted

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Bodichek wheat packs are excellent for natural pain management of acute and chronic injuries.

Made from premium Australian wheat, they conform easily to the body's contours and provide both hot and cold therapy for aches, pains, injuries, arthritis, migraines and burns. They soothe simply and naturally and assist the healing process.

Available in four shapes/sizes and six assorted colours.

  • Made in Australia
  • Natural, effective pain management
  • Available in 6 colours and 4 sizes/shapes
  • Non chemically treated Australian wheat
  • Moulds easily to contours of the body
  • High quality, durable cotton fabric

**Note: Colors will be picked and sent randomly

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Cover: 100% Cotton,Filling: 100% wheat


Only use a microwave with a turntable for heating.

Step 1. Flatten wheat pack on microwave turntable.

Step 2. Heat wheat pack on microwave according to the table below.


  • 700 watts 2 minute 30 seconds
  • 1000 watts 1 minute 45 seconds
  • 1200 watts 1 minute 25 seconds

Step 3. Allow to cool and remove carefully from microwave using a towel.

Step 4. DO NOT reheat wheat pack until it has completely cooled.


Step 1. Insert Wheat Pack into a plastic bag to place in the freezer for two hours.

Step 2. Prior to application, remove wheat pack from the plastic bag.


Store wheat pack in a cool clean environment, ideally sealed in a plastic container or plastic bag in the freezer.

Care instructions

  • Do not wash or wet wheat pack. Sponge outer fabric with a slightly damp cloth. Ensure wheat pack is completely dry before heating.
  • Store in a cool clean environment.
  • DO NOT leave wheat pack in the sun.
  • Dispose of wheat pack completely when worn out, no longer required or shows any signs of burning or degradation.

Do not overheat.

Do not use under bedding.

Do not place inside fabric or clothing.

Do not use if smells or looks burnt allow to cool first then throw away.

Do not leave pack unattended in microwave

Do not apply directly on skin. Use cover or towel between pack and skin.

Do not use straight from microwave if too hot – allow to cool down first.

Do not use pack on one part of the body for more than 5 mins.

'USE WITH CAUTION – heat packs can burn skin when used incorrectly and particularly the more delicate skin on children or older people. SUPERVISE children at all times.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to add oils or fragrances to the pack – these may increase the risk of fire.

NOT RECOMMENDED for people who may have reduced awareness of temperature or feeling in their skin,e.g. diabetics, people with nerve damage, or people with an impairment that prevents them from recognising they may be burnt.

IMPORTANT : Always read the pack instructions before every use.

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