Aptamil Profutura 4 Junior From 2 Years 900g

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Aptamil Profutura Stage 4 Junior Nutritional Supplement is specially designed for active children from 2 years of age when their dietary intake may be inadequate.

Aptamil Profutura is Nutricia's most advanced formulation and scientifically researched to help build strong foundations for Immune System, Cognitive Function and Metabolism. It contains omega-3 DHA fatty acids and the probiotic Bifidobacterium breve M-16V similar to that naturally found in breast fed infants.

- Zinc, necessary for normal immune system function*
- Iodine, iron and zinc, to contribute to normal cognitive function*
- Magnesium to contribute to normal energy metabolism*

*When consumed as part of a healthy and varied diet and prepared as directed

Preparation Information:

Step 1:
- Reminder: It is safer to use Aptamil Profutura 4 immediately after it is prepared. Discard unfinished drinks. Product is packed by weight, not volume. Some settling of the powder may occur during transportation an

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