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Able Collapsible Spacer Anti-Bacterial

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The new ABLE Spacer™ Collapsible Spacer is embedded with silver ion to protect against 99% of all harmful bacteria (demonstrated by ISO 22196 tests). Common plastic spacers can contain up to 40% bacterial contamination that causes harm to the lungs and even pneumonia.

- Anti-Bacterial
- Anti-Static
- BPA Free

The ABLE Spacer™ Collapsible Spacer combines portability with a plume shaped chamber of 210ml, to minimise drug loss within the spacer. It has been designed with visible valve movement, which helps the carer to see if the patient is inhaling through the spacer. A Spacer overcomes the problem of breathe and press co-ordination, giving the patient more of an opportunity to inhale their medication.

How it works
When bacteria comes into contact with a silver ion protected surface, the silver ions inhibit the bacteria’s ability to multiply, therefore they die.

For use with puffer medication. Single patient use.

Collapsible Spacer features
- Collapsible, pocket size

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