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Maseur Invigorating Sandal Beige Size 9

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Detailed Product Description

Maseur® Invigorating Sandals have hundreds of flexible nodules that massage your reflex zones with every step, promoting good health and wellbeing for your whole body.

Maseur® helps promote healthy posture, balance and alignment. The unique contoured footbed provides support for arches, heels and toes and helps correctly position feet to relieve pressure on knees, hips and backs.

Maseur® Invigorating is available in Beige (size 4-10) and Black (size 5-11).

Maseur® sizing is unisex, refer to the sizing table to identify your correct size.

Your 1st Week wearing Maseur®:

Like all new shoes you need to wear in your maseur® sandals.

Try wearing you new maseur® Invigorating sandals with a pair of socks for the first week and wear them for short periods of time (10 minutes). This will help you become accustomed to the nodules and soon your feet will be craving maseur® time.

Care and Cleaning:

- Maseur® sandals are hard wearing and designed to be resistant to water, sand and everyday wear.

- Clean by rinsing with water and be sure to give them a good rinse after going to the beach or in salt water.

- A light brushing with a wet nail brush can help clean debris in the nodules.

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