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Bisolvon Chesty Elixir 250ml

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Contains benzoic acid as a preservative & ethanol (alcohol) 3% w/v. Sugar free. Contains sorbitol. Almost colourless, slightly sticky. Sugar free so suitable for diabetics when used at the recommended dose. Most people benefit from Bisolvon, but mild effects you might experience include nausea, diarrhoea, indigestion & a feeling of fullness in the stomach (a bloated feeling). Less common unwanted effects include headache, vertigo (giddiness or dizziness), sweating & skin rash. It is common to have increased flow of secretions from the air passages. Unexpected effects can occur with any medicine. Tell your pharmacist if you notice anything unusual during or after taking Bisolvon.


Mucolytic. Breaks down mucous & helps clear the chest. Bisolvon is used in conditions where breathing is difficult because there are a lot of secretions (mucous) in the air passages. Such conditions include bronchitis & emphysema. Bisolvon acts on sticky secretions to break them down & make them easier to remove, eg by coughing. Therefore an increase in the flow of secretions sometimes occurs for a few days after the start of treatment. When infection is present, Bisolvon may be used with antibiotics when recommended by a doctor. If you think you have an underlying infection, consult your doctor.


Adults: 10mL 3 times a day (can be increased to 20mL 3 times a day for the first 7 days).

Children over 3 yrs: 10mL 3 times a day

Children 1-3 yrs: 5mL 3 times a day

Take as directed, however if you do forget to take a dose, take it when you remember then continue as before. If symptoms persist, see your doctor.


Do not take Bisolvon Elixer if you are allergic to bromhexine hydrochloride, benzoic acid or any other ingredients in the Elixer. Ask for pharmacist's or doctor's advice before using Bisolvon if you have or have had severe liver disease, severe kidney disease, stomach ulcer. Ask for your doctor's advice if you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant during the course of your medication. Not recommended when breast feeding.

Seek medical advice if you have taken significantly more than the recommended dose of Bisolvon. Advice can be provided by a doctor or pharmacist.


Below 30 degrees.

Active Ingredients
Ingredient Amount
Bromhexine Hydrochloride 4 MG/5ML

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