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Nicorette Gum Classic 2mg 105
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Nicorette Gum Classic 2mg 105

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Sugar-free, regular strength, uncoated

Stop smoking aid


Nicorette is a quit smoking aid that effectively relieves nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms. It may be used to stop smoking abruptly or cut down smoking before stopping.


Weeks 1-12 : Use 1 piece when there is an urge to smoke or every 1-2 hours.

After 12 weeks: Gradually reduce to 1-2 pieces a day and then stop use.


Do not use if you are:

* Allergic to nicotine or any ingredient in the gum

* Pregnant or breastfeeding

* Under 18 years of age

Do not use if you have:

* Recently had a heart attack or stroke

* Angina that is not controlled

* Severe, irregular heartbeates (palpitations)

* A sore mouth or throat

Contact your doctor before use if you:

* Have severe cardiovascular disease

* Have high blood pressure that is not controlled

* Have a stomach ulcer

* Have kidney disease

* Take insulin for diabetes

* Have an overactive thyroid or adrenal gland cancer

Use no more than 20 pieces of 2mg gum in a day.

Keep out of reach of children.

Nicorette Combination Therapy: If you have relapsed with single nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or if you have cravings with single use NRT, you can use Nicorette 2mg Gum, in addition to Nicorette Patch for better craving relief. This may increase your likelihood of quitting.

How to use: Use patch as directed and aim to chew at least 4 pieces (maximum of 12) of Nicorette Gum 2 mg every day (see back of pack).

After 12 weeks reduce use of patch or Gum. (see pack insert)


Store below 25*C

Made in Sweeden.

Please refer to the package insert for more detailed directions for use or for medical enquiries call 1300 362 486.

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